“Don’t say this with prospects.”

“Don’t say this with prospects.”

Avoid the word “Why” when asking questions of our prospects. Some prospects remember their parents asking them, “Why did you do this? What were you thinking?”

Yes, bad memories.

To avoid this, a simple re-wording is needed. We can rephrase by saying, “Help me understand how you chose this way of doing this.”

This is much less threatening to our prospects.

So true.

Prospecting is the penalty we pay for not keeping in touch with our warm market.

This is a choice.

When taking time to work with our team members, we have a choice.

#1. Use this time to help them become better distributors.

#2. Or, to use this time to build them into leaders.

Obviously we would like to build our team members into leaders, but how do we do that? This entire three-book series describes the words, the steps, the strategies, and exactly what we have to say and do to create new leaders on our team.

The Complete Three-Book Network Marketing Leadership Series

Starting questions.
The purpose of business is to solve our prospects’ problems. To help our prospects discover problems they want to solve, we may have to ask some questions. Here are some examples of questions we can ask to open up the conversation:

* “How long can you wait without getting that raise?”
* “What plan do you have if this doesn’t come about?”
* “What are the two biggest problems you need to fix now?”
* “What else bothers you?”
* “When do you plan to fix that problem?”

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