Can’t get started?

Can’t get started?

Maybe we fear rejection. Or, we don’t want to impose our products and opportunity on our friends and relatives.

If we believe in our products and business, but still have these feelings, try this approach to kick-start ourselves into action. Say to our minds, “I am offering people one more option for their lives. They can take this option today, tomorrow, in the future … or never. People love having extra options in their lives.”

When we offer options, it just feels good to everyone.


A nine-year-old girl has disappeared after using a company’s moisturizer that makes you look ten years younger.

When your team members slow down or stop.

As leaders of our team, we must learn how to motivate team members into action. It is too easy to become complacent or comfortable … and then forget their business.

Here is exactly how to do it.

Motivation Action Results


What to say to skeptics.

The first rule of any objection is to agree. If we disagree, our prospects will be thinking of what to say to support their position when we stop talking. That means they are not even listening to us! Bad plan.

And we should agree with their objections. We don’t know what happened to them, what experiences they had, or how the world looks from their point of view. This is a chance to see things from their point of view and learn new things.

Plus, with agreement comes rapport. Now we can have civilized discussions by appreciating each other’s viewpoints.

And surprise! By understanding why our prospect thinks differently, many times the prospect appreciates our listening skills, and softens or even forgets the original objection.

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