Shy people.

Shy people.

A common misconception is that shy people have trouble building their businesses.

Wrong. Shy people have a natural advantage that makes them great business-builders.

Natural advantage? Yes. They are great listeners. And prospects love great listeners.

If the purpose of business is to solve other people’s problems, how can we know what our prospects’ problems are if we are talking all the time? Yes, the talkers pitch their businesses blindly, not knowing the prospects’ problems. Shy people? They listen for the problems, and then talk about the prospects’ problems. So much easier.

So instead of going to our prospects and selling “stuff” … let’s listen to our prospects’ problems, and then use our opportunity, products, or services to solve their problems. Prospects love this approach.

Q. What do we call it when salespeople show up and just talk about what they offer?

A. “Showing up and throwing up.”

Another nice pre-closing technique.

Late in our sales presentation, we could say,

“If you decide to move forward on this, here are the steps we would take.”

Then we describe what steps we would take together to buy or join.

Now our prospect knows how to move forward.

Busy people need more time.

When our prospects are too busy, remind them that this problem won’t go away. They don’t want to be busy the rest of their lives with no time for family and hobbies.

We can help them change their lives with our business opportunity. Work now and build residual income. With residual income, our prospects will have time to live their lives.

This book shows busy prospects exactly what to say and do to build their part-time business in less than 15 minutes a day. Now they can change their lives.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business In 15 Minutes A Day


Say this first to grab attention. 

Why should we talk if no one is listening? Start with this attention-grabbing phrase:

“There are two types of people in the world …”

Prospects will pay attention to what we say next.

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