Halloween candy.

Door-to-door Halloween lesson.

Watch the local neighborhood children go door-to-door harassing the local homeowners for candy. They are good. If they don’t get candy at one home, they don’t quit and watch television. Instead they run to the next home and get to the next possible “yes” as fast as they can.

They are not concerned if someone says “No” … but are only concerned how many sales calls they can make in the evening.

What people really believe.

There is an old saying, “Don’t believe what people say. Believe what they do.”

If we watch people’s behavior, we see their true beliefs.

This works with us too. For example, we tell our sponsor, “I will be at Saturday’s training.” Then, on Saturday, we watch cartoons all morning. Hmmm. What are our true beliefs?

If we look at our personal behavior towards our network marketing business, we will see our true beliefs.

We can’t start with a second sentence.

We all have to start with a first sentence. Unfortunately, this is where our prospects make an instant decision about us. So we have to think hard before opening our mouths.

Don’t know what to say for your first sentence? Here is an entire book dedicated to influencing our prospects by saying great first sentences.

First Sentences for Marketing


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