“But I have to know before I start …”

If we were looking to buy a sandwich franchise, we wouldn’t say this:

“Before I buy this franchise, I have to know how to make sandwiches first. Plus, I need to know how the meat-cutter machine works too!”

We know we would learn how to make sandwiches and learn how to run the meat-cutter machine as part of the franchisor’s training program.

It should be the same with our prospects. They don’t have to know how to do networking marketing before they start. They don’t have to know how to meet people, how to sell, or how to be a leader. Their lack of skills should not prevent them from joining. They will learn as we train them.

So when our prospects hesitate to join our business because of their lack of skills, we could say, “Our company doesn’t expect us to know how to do our business before we join. That would be silly. We learn how to build our business with our training system, after we join.”

Consider this.

Prospects are more passionate about solving their problems than acquiring benefits. So talk to prospects about solving their problems.

2% retention.

How much do we remember from a presentation? Some studies show that we remember 2% of someone’s presentation 30 days later. That means 98% of what we tell our prospects is forgotten quickly!

Of course the 2% figure depends on the subject matter, how important the information is, the skill of the presenter and other factors. But the lesson is that most of our best-prepared facts and figures are forgotten.

So if our prospects will remember only 2% of our presentation, what 2% do we want them to remember? Good question. We can emphasize our chosen 2% by saying, “If you are only going to remember one thing from my presentation, here is what I want you to think about every day …”

At the very least, our chosen message will be remembered.

Willpower is overrated.

Have we ever set a goal and relied on willpower? It is tough. Every time we have to make a decision, we have to use willpower.

Willpower is weak and unreliable.

Instead of using willpower to reach our goals, we should use habits. Habits happen automatically. We don’t have to make constant decisions on the way to our goals.

If you are frustrated with willpower, this book is the answer. You can build your network marketing business automatically with just three easy habits.

3 Easy Habits for Network Marketing


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