When something is so obvious and we fail to see it.

You know the feeling.

When something is so obvious and we fail to see it … head slap!

Have we ever given a presentation and our prospect failed to join? Sure. We have all experienced this.

Decisions are made on the emotional programs inside our brains. These emotional programs include fear of loss, survival, love of family, desire to be recognized, etc.

And what did we talk about in our presentation? Product facts, company details, proprietary stuff, compensation plan percentages … uh-oh! We see the problem already. We should have been talking about the emotional reasons someone should join.

Maybe this is one of the reasons our prospect said, “No.”

So, to be a better presenter, we should rely less on data and facts, and more on the emotional journey of our prospect.

Rock bottom.

Worthless Sponsor: “I don’t think I deserved a zero on this ethics test!”

Teacher: “I agree, but that is the lowest mark I could give you.”

Closing by helping.

Many new distributors fear closing. The solution? Change our viewpoints about closing. Look at it this way:

#1. Our prospects want what we have to offer.

#2. Our prospects fear making a decision to move forward. Change is stressful. They worry about what others might say if they make a mistake.

#3. Our prospects feel better about change when we confidently offer to hold their hands while making this change in their lives.

Want an example?

“Let’s get started now. Our system has a proven step-by-step learning path so you can succeed. Plus, I will personally help you as your sponsor. We will succeed together. Let’s get you enrolled now so that we can get watch our first training video together.”

How to start a new team member f-a-s-t!

Our newest book, How to Build Your Network Marketing Business in 15 Minutes a Day, is a great guidebook for new team members. They can be effective and build their businesses with no rejection using the strategies in this book.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business In 15 Minutes A Day


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