The best answer to the pyramid objection I’ve ever heard.

The best answer to the pyramid objection I’ve ever heard.

Telling a story disables negativity in prospects. And Robert Butwin has an awesome story called the “Pyramid Objection.” He never even mentions the word “pyramid” in the story, but he gets rid of the objection easily.

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What to say to negative prospects.

The first step is to agree and honor their point of view. Why?

If we disagree, our prospects stop listening to us. Instead, they start thinking of what to say to support their position once we stop talking. Yes, they don’t hear a word we say. 😦

Plus, we should have empathy for their viewpoint. We don’t know the life they’ve lived, the experiences they’ve had, or even what happened to them earlier that day.

If we agree and honor their point of view, now we can have a conversation. And that is all we ask of our prospects. We want to offer them one more option for their lives in our conversation. They can take that option now, tomorrow, in the future, or never. That is up to them.

Our mission is to give people options. Then, they can decide if that option serves them or not.

What works best?
  1. Try sponsoring prospects by text.
  2. Try sponsoring prospects by sending them to a video.
  3. Try sponsoring prospects by talking to them on the phone.
  4. Try sponsoring prospects by talking to them over video.
  5. Try sponsoring prospects by meeting in person.
  6. Try sponsoring prospects by meeting over food.

We can make it easier on ourselves by talking to prospects over food. They never get mad over food.

But, not every prospect lives near us, so we should choose the best communication possible from the above list.

Great news.

If my worthless sponsor spoke his mind, he would be speechless!
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