“Why does your product cost so much?”

“Why does your product cost so much?”

Is this our prospect’s real question? No.

Our prospect doesn’t feel that our product or service has enough value. When potential customers see value in products that they want, the final price is ignored. Some examples?

  • Designer shoes.
  • Brand-name perfume.
  • Luxury cars.
  • Fancy watches.
  • Our favorite restaurant.

None of these things are at the lowest price. We want them anyway.

The obvious way to handle this situation is to more effectively describe the value in our products. Or, describe how our products solve a problem our prospects want to fix.

If our prospects don’t want our products, then any price is too much.

Questions are good.

Why? Because only interested prospects ask questions. If our prospects have no interest, they do not want to continue the conversation.

Our mindset should be, “If my prospects ask a question, that means they want to buy or join. My prospects simply need some additional answers to support their ‘yes’ decisions.”

We shouldn’t be afraid of questions. We should be afraid of no questions.

Celebrate questions? Certainly. Questions mean that our prospects are listening.

When our prospects ask questions, they tell us the missing pieces they need to move forward. This helps us give them the exact information they need to complete their decisions. We don’t have to guess what is in their minds. They tell us. We don’t have to be mind-readers or have psychic powers.

“Just tell me the deal.”

Prospects guard their time. They want to know what we offer, and they want to know everything quickly. They don’t want to wait 20 minutes, 40 minutes, or even one hour to know what we offer. They want to know … now.

No problem for us. We have the “One-Minute Presentation” to serve their needs. If you don’t have this as one of your presentation options, here is the book.

The One Minute Presentation


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