When our prospects roll their eyes. 🙄

When our prospects roll their eyes.

Some body language signals are easy to interpret. In this case, our prospects might be signaling to us:

  1. “Oh no. I am stuck in a sales presentation that I don’t want. How did I get myself into this?”


  2. “Unbelievable! That isn’t an exaggeration. That is an outright lie!”

Either way, we know this isn’t going well.

The solution? Stop presenting and re-establish trust, belief, and rapport. No one joins someone they don’t trust or believe.

We can re-establish rapport through common facts we both believe, trained word sequences, smiling, short stories, and more. As professionals, we have an entire toolbox of rapport-building skills. This would be a good time to use them. 🙂

The story technique.

Can you remember a story from years ago? Of course. But we can’t remember history dates for an exam 30 minutes later.

Our brains are wired to remember stories, not facts.

If we can wrap a story around the facts of our presentation, our prospects will remember our facts long after we leave.

Something to think about.

Prospects are reactive. If we don’t like how they act, all we have to do is change what we do, and they will react to our change.

If we can connect with prospects, we are 90% there.

When we have rapport, our prospects mentally sit on our side of the table. No longer are they adversaries. Now they are looking for reasons to make our business work.

The hardest sale we are ever going to make is getting that initial trust, belief, and rapport with our prospect. This book shows us exactly how to do it.

*** This is a skill we will benefit from for life.

How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport



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