How to engage prospects.

How to engage prospects.

Instead of pitching and selling our benefits, why not engage our prospects with better questions? When prospects think about what we have to offer, we win. Some examples?

  • Does your electricity bill go up or down over the summer? (Electricity sales.)
  • Where is the most unusual place you’ve found cellulite? (Body wrap sales.)
  • What gives you the most stress throughout the day? (Stress product sales.)
  • If you could travel anywhere this year, where would it be? (Travel sales.)
  • Should afternoon naps be mandatory at work? (Energy drink sales.)
  • If you could retire early, what would you do all day? (Opportunity sales.)

Prospects love engagement.

Impatience is the flipside of procrastination.

Where to spend more time.

If a retail store can sell products with no advertising, no video, no brochure, no website, no testimonials, no research reports, no PowerPoint, no active salesperson … then shouldn’t we be able to sell our products, services, and opportunity?

We have an advantage. We can control how many people we talk to, and we get to choose the words we say.

How to be effective.

Learn words and phrases that will immediately grow our team.

We can’t waste time learning things that don’t get immediate results.

This book contains exactly what to say and do to overcome our fear of selling and to master our first few seconds … when prospects make their final decision.

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