And then the rejection began …

And then the rejection began …

What is the worst fear of new distributors? Failure.

No one wants to fail. Then they have to go back to their friends and family and listen to them say, “I told you so. These things don’t work. You will never leave this job. What made you think you could change your life?”

New distributors have other fears too. Fear of approaching prospects. Fear of rejection, and more.

Yet, even with all these fears, prospects join our business in an attempt to change their lives. We respect their courage to risk embarrassment for a chance to improve their lives, and their family’s lives.

In the beginning, they have no skills for this new profession. They are not sure which direction to go. As their sponsors, we must help. We can give them the word-for-word phrases to start their business successfully.

So when our new distributor struggles, we should never question their courage. They stepped into our profession without skills, and with the faith that we would help them. Now is the time to carry out our part of the agreement, and act like a responsible sponsor.


Fun questions to get quality conversations started.

* “Are you okay staying at this job forever?”
* “Do you think we will get huge raises here next year?”
* “Have you found a way to have more time with your family?”
* “Would it be more fun if your career was more fulfilling?”
* “How do you feel on Sunday evening, when thinking about Monday morning at work?”



Objections come from interested prospects. After all, if they were not interested, they wouldn’t waste their time talking to us.

So instead of hiding from objections, we should be thankful for them. Our prospect might be saying, “I am looking for a solution to this problem I have, so I can move forward. Can you help me?”

The good news about an objection is that our prospects know exactly what is bothering them and holding them back. And better yet, they tell us!

Now we can concentrate on helping them move forward as a customer or as a new team member.



That is what we do for a living. We get paid when our prospects make “yes” decisions.

But did we learn network marketing closing skills in school? No. But we don’t want to put off and delay our earnings, so now is a great time to learn.

Closing For Network Marketing Getting Prospects Across The Finish Line


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