2019 is going fast … it’s 12% over!

2019 is going fast … it’s 12% over!

So how about those long-forgotten New Year’s goals?

Yes, 12% of the year is gone already. Let’s not allow the rest of the year to slip by.

What can we do to kick-start our goals back into action? Focus on one little thing. We need to find one activity that will move us closer to our goal, and just do that activity.

The reward is that we will feel great. Any progress, however small, makes us feel we are on the path to reaching our goals. Here is an example.

If our goal is to make the next rank in our compensation plan, we will need more team members. Sponsoring someone new is key. But what is an even smaller step? Contacting new prospects so that we can sponsor our next new team member.

So, our activity might be contacting one new person a day. That’s it. And that’s progress towards our goal.

Little steps move us forward. Little steps are always better than no steps.

Fun questions to get quality conversations started.

* “How do you feel on Monday morning when starting the week?”
* “Is your current career what you dreamed about in school?”
* “How much quality family time do you get every day?”
* “What would you do if you had an extra $300 a month?”

Who should our new distributor talk to first?

Good question. We want our new team member to have a good experience when first starting his or her career.

Here is one answer for our new distributor:

“Call your best friend now.”

Why? Because best friends tend to think alike. And it is easy to talk to our best friend. The call might sound like this:

“Hi Joe. I am starting a new business, and I would like to work the business with you. It would be great working together. When can we visit?”

Easy. We don’t need some special script for our best friend.

Mindset training.

Having the right mindset can help us prevent rejection. In our newest book,Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing, we show how to get our new team members to think the right way about approaching prospects. Why? Because prospects react to our mindset.

This is our most popular book as it has the step-by-step guide on how to get business fast.

You can read a preview right now. Just click the link below, then click on the Amazon button. Amazon has a complete preview of the first part of the book:

quick start guide for network marketing


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