The Super Bowl is over.

The Super Bowl is over.

How do great teams make it to the top?

They conduct continuous practice drills on the basics before and during the season.

Should we take a hint? Practice drills with our team build great leaders.

Is it possible to double our earnings?

Here is one way to imagine the answer.

  • Is there anyone in our business that earns twice as much as we do?
  • Yes, many people. And are these people smarter than we are? No. They just know something we don’t know yet.

That is why we continue to learn more and better skills in our profession.

What do I say first?

Prospects are cruel. They judge us quickly, before we get a chance to tell them about our wonderful products and business.

And what do prospects judge? The first words we say.

If we want to impress our prospects quickly, this is the book we will want to use.


First Sentences for Marketing




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