Our first sentence could ruin our chances.

Our first sentence could ruin our chances.

Our first sentence matters. Here is what happened to me.

To get in shape, I hired a personal trainer. This time I was serious. I showed up for my first session. The personal trainer said, “Okay, let’s jog a mile first to warm up.” My reply? “You’re fired!”

I did not wait to hear the rest of his presentation. So here are some great first sentences that we can use when we talk to prospects. These sentences will help us get the conversation going in a positive direction.

  • “Kiss your credit card debt goodbye.” (Targets people who have crushing minimum payments on their credit cards. Their motivation for more money to make these payments will keep their minds open to our presentation.)
  • “Think like a millionaire.” (Thinking doesn’t sound too hard. Seems like an easy step to take.)
  • “When NOT to eat healthy.” (Got my attention right away!)
  • “Skip commuting and work from your home.” (The pain of sitting in traffic and burning expensive fuel will motivate our prospect to listen.)

How to get prospects to tell us their problems.

The purpose of business is to solve other people’s problems. There is no other reason for business to exist.

Yes, we can listen to our prospects closely for a problem they have that we can fix. But what if they don’t volunteer a problem? Then, we need to ask a great question. We could ask, “So what are the two biggest problems with your job?” Or, “So what are your two biggest health problems?”

We could do lots of examples here, but we have the idea already. People like to complain. And with a question like this, they will openly tell us their problems.

Asking for referrals?

Here is another way we can get better results when asking for referrals. When asking for referrals, tell people that you will report back to them. Let people know the results of what happened. This assures them that we will be polite and respectful when we contact their referrals.

This also makes it easier when we call the referrals. On the phone call, we can say, “I promised John that I would call you, and report back to him.”

Start 2019 with awesome first sentences.

Do you need a few hundred great first sentences? Here is the book for you.


First Sentences for Marketing



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