And then the rejection began …

“And then the rejection began …”

The meeting ends with the motivational plea, “Be different! Be bold! Be excited! Stop being broke like your friends! Take on the world!”

And our new distributor leaves the meeting, motivated, excited … until meeting the first prospect. And then, gasp, with nothing to say, it is over.

Sound familiar?

Two bad things are happening.

#1. Our new distributor feels shy, doesn’t want to be a salesman, and keeps the business top-secret.

#2. The prospects are sales-resistant. They don’t want to appear interested. Any positive sign from them could be used against them later in a power closing.

The solution?

Remove the win-lose, live-die pressure from the encounter. And how do we do that?

By presenting what we offer as an option, not as a sales presentation. The word “option” means that it is okay to say yes or no, with no sales closing pressure from us.

And now we will have a more open-minded audience for what we offer.

Fun opening statements.

* “Do you plan on working here the rest of your life?”
* “Do you think we’ll be 85 years old, standing here with the same dirty coffee cups?”
* “Do you feel like they are taking little bits of our brains out of our heads every day?”
* “Isn’t it a shame that coffee break is the best part of our day?”
* “Feeling underpaid?”

New “Big Al” book.

We’ve gotten so many requests for a book to get new distributors started fast. Well, here is the book, complete with ways to totally eliminate the fear of selling, where to get the first prospects, and exactly what to say … with no rejection.

You might want multiple copies, as this book is a great way to get new members started.


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