How do I get prospects to talk about wanting my business?

“How do I get prospects to talk about wanting my business?”

The secret? Ask pre-closing questions to get the prospects to think about wanting a solution to their problems. It is amazing how interested prospects are in our business when it is their idea. 🙂

Here are some examples:

* “Are you okay with not having enough time for holidays and the family?”
* “Traveling is overrated. Don’t you think it is okay to just stay home all the time?”
* “I’m just curious, how hard is it to get a decent raise where you work?”

Immediately the conversation moves to them wanting a business.

Success leaves clues, but so does failure.

Where should we look for prospects? Good prospects? The kind of prospects that join?

Simply look at where we enrolled our last five distributors. Where and how did we meet these prospects?

Success leaves clues.

So instead of finding new and unique places to locate future distributors, go back to where we located our last five distributors.

But failure leaves clues also.

Take a look at why our last five prospects told us they weren’t interested. Was there a common theme? And where did we locate those uninterested prospects?

Many times we are standing too close to our successes and failures. We need to step back and observe to see if there are clues.

Why follow up?

Early in my career, nobody joined. After I learned a little bit about skill #11, magic words, I went back to the people who originally said, “No.”

This time, many of them joined.

I found out that they hadn’t turned me down, they hadn’t turned the opportunity down, but … they had only turned down how I presented the opportunity.

People want what we have to offer, but will refuse if we describe it poorly.

If you want to make follow-up easy and productive, this is the book for you.


How To Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects



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