“But I don’t have any time!”

“But I don’t have any time!”

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A distributor asked, “I am so busy with my job and family now, how will I ever have time to learn the 25 basic skills of network marketing?”

My answer? “You will start when you are ready.”

Many distributors put off getting serious enough about their business to start reading books, listening to audios, attending Saturday events, etc. At this point in their lives, they just aren’t ready.

But when they are ready, it will be easy to find the time.

They will go to a Saturday event instead of golfing. They will read a book instead of watching Netflix. And they will listen to audios while commuting instead of memorizing lyrics to depressing Country Western songs.

The answer always is, “We will start when we are ready.”

* * * *
So when is “ready” for prospects?

“Ready” is when the pain of their current situation becomes bigger than their reluctance to change. It is easy for them to stay where they are, endure low levels of pain and dissatisfaction, and let life pass them by. To change, they need a wake-up call. That wake-up call for our prospects can come from us.

This is why we use “Ice Breakers” to help prospects evaluate their current situation. We say things such as, “Are you okay with not having time for yourself and your family?”

We want our prospects to stop and think hard about their current situation. And if the time is right for them to start, they will find the time to build their business.

More heart-stopping statements.
Great statements and great questions get prospects to think. We don’t want to use vague, boring statements. Look at the difference below. Which statement do you think will do better: A or B?

A. How do you see your financial future?
B. Will your boss give you a raise next year?

A. What is your weight management goal?
B. Do you want to lose 15 lbs. before your class reunion?

A. Want to save $3.16 on your mobile telephone bill?
B. Are you tired of your phone company ripping you off?

A. Would you consider using our new antioxidant skincare cream?
B. Would you like to make your skin younger while you sleep?

It is the words we say that make a difference.

“How to Build Your Network Marketing Business in 15 Minutes a Day.”
Prospecting and closing take only minutes. It doesn’t take long to build our business every day, especially when we use focused words and phrases that work.

This book has great strategies and ways to build fast, and you’ll still have time for your career and your family. Perfect for those team members who don’t think they have enough time to build.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business In 15 Minutes A Day
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