Three great prospecting questions.

Check out these three great prospecting questions.

A simple question or sentence can totally change our prospect’s outlook toward us and our business. Try asking one of these questions:

===> Do you think a part-time job would be better for you instead of a part-time business?

(Most prospects will immediately attach themselves to wanting a part-time business. Hey, working a part-time job until age 65 doesn’t sound like much fun.)

===> Starting our own business would cost a lot of money … and is pretty risky, isn’t it?

(Most prospects will agree and say that’s why they haven’t tried. Now they are open-minded toward a business if it doesn’t require a lot of money and is not risky.)

===> Would a $500-a-month raise make a big difference?

(Gee, that’s $6,000 a year, which would pay for a really nice vacation, a better car, an occasional weekend getaway, or the minimum payment on the VISA card. This question is rejection-free. Even if the prospect says “No,” that means the prospect might be looking for bigger money. And we know our prospect can’t get this kind of raise from his or her boss.)

More sound bites. (Level 4 closing.)

Prospects “skim” when they listen to us. They just catch a word or a phrase here and there. They have other things on their minds.

Best defense? Use sound bites to gain our prospects’ attention. Here are a few easy sound bites to remember:

  • Our face is our best first impression.
  • Be home to give cookies to the children when they come home from school, instead of calling them from work.
  • Delete the alarm app from your smartphone.
  • Growing old really hurts.
  • Set your own holiday schedule.

The first step.

Here is one strategy for prospecting that makes contacting people easier.

“Our initial goal is not to sell a stranger, but to create a prospect.”

For many cold prospects, we first have to create a need or want.

New “Big Al” book.

We get a lot of requests for a book to get new distributors started fast. Well, here is the book. Find out how to totally eliminate the fear of selling, where to get the first prospects, and exactly what to say … with no rejection.

You might want multiple copies for the team, as it is a great way to kick-start anyone’s business.

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