Almost 4% gone?

Almost 4% gone?

2019 is almost 4% gone … already! If we haven’t started working on our New Year’s goals yet, our time is slipping by. Remind our team members to check their progress now.

Need more sound bites?

Prospects “skim” when they listen to us. They just catch a word or a phrase here and there, as they have other things on their minds.

The best defense against this? Use sound bites to gain our prospects’ attention. Here are a few easy sound bites to remember:

  • Work three weeks out of the month, but get paid for four.
  • Take a one-week holiday every month.
  • Never have to show up for work again.
  • Have a five-day weekend, instead of a two-day weekend.
  • Sleep in until the crack of noon.
  • Earn more money part-time than your boss does full-time.
Make people like you.

If we start our approaches to people with certain words, they will like us more. In fact, some words cause people to want to help us anyway they can. For instance:

“I am just curious …”

Here is an example. “I am just curious if you know anyone who commutes to work, who would rather work from home instead.”

A great way to find new, motivated people to talk to.

Want leaders on your team, instead of just distributors?
Good plan. Here is the book that shows us how to create these leaders, step by step.
How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One
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