“Learning is voluntary. Without it, failure is mandatory.”

I didn’t know Richard Stevenson personally, but he said,

“Learning is voluntary. Without it, failure is mandatory.”

I think about that quote a lot. Look at our teams. We know they are missing certain skills. Yet, they make self-destructive decisions to attempt to build their business without these skills. There is something very, very wrong here.

Why would they enjoy failure and tiny results? Why would they choose to withhold skills from themselves and continue at a very mediocre pace?

The answer is, “They don’t know what they don’t know.” They don’t know they are missing certain skills. They don’t know these skills exist. So they make terrible decisions because of what they don’t know.

We are their sponsors. Our responsibility is to help them with what they don’t know.

Let’s help our team, the ones who don’t know what they don’t know, take their first baby steps towards their successful network marketing careers.

The best thing to say to green personalities.

These analyzers put off making decisions and frustrate the person presenting to them. Here is how we can re-focus green personalities to get them to make a decision.

Before we start, we can say:

“Are you looking to start a business now? Or are you just in the information-collecting stage?”

Why Pre-Closing?

When we delay our close until after our presentation, we miss the point at which our prospects make their decisions. Our prospects make their final decisions before our presentation.

Pre_Closing For Network Marketing


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