If you want leaders on your team, plus the best sales management tip ever.

Everyone tells us to be a leader. They tell us to build other leaders.

But … they never tell us exactly word-for-word, step-by-step how to do it. We hate that.

If we can create one leader on our team, we will earn a lot of money. Create two leaders on our team, and we can be rich.

We wrote three complete books on how to find, create, motivate and build leaders. Great books. We love them of course. But they take a long time to read.

Here is a much better solution. You can listen to these books on audio while you commute or do other activities throughout the day. We love audio because it is easy to listen while we do other things.

*** FREE? ***

Audible sells this three-book package for $19.95. It’s a bargain. Certainly much cheaper than any leadership course we could take.

But for now, you can get an Audible membership and download this three-book package free. Every new Audible member gets one free credit that you can use on this three-book set. 🙂

Distributors are great … but leaders are awesome!

Take advantage of Audible’s free offer to get these three books!

Here is the Audible link for the three-book set.
the complete three-book network marketing leadership series
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