Asking for appointments?

Asking for appointments.


Remember this key word: “Option.”

This word feels safe to our prospects. They create a vision in their minds that we will give them something to think about, but they are not obligated to act in any way.

So if I try to get an appointment with my evil, cigar-smoking uncle, it might go like this:

Me: “Hello, uncle?”
Uncle: “Oh, it’s you, Pyramid Boy. What scam are you pitching now? You ran over my cat and didn’t apologize. So loser, what do you want?”
Me: “I just joined a new business. You retire next month. This could be an option for you to double your retirement pay.”
Uncle: “Oh. Okay. Tell me about the option. You can come over tonight after dinner.”
The word “option” disables the fear our prospects feel. They are afraid that we will pressure them to buy or join, or that they will disappoint us.
How to turn our presentations into joint ventures.
When speaking with a prospect about our business, we should relate to our prospect’s problems. Then say, “Let’s take a look at what a part-time check could do.”

The key word is, “Let’s.” Now our prospect doesn’t look at us as an adversary, but as a partner supporting their quest.

Enjoy the quest.
He who dies with the most toys is still … dead.

Remember, there is more fun on the journey to achieving our goals than there is in achieving them. Hope you picked fun goals that fit your personality this year!

Start 2019 with awesome new prospects.
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