Don’t listen to what they say.

Don’t listen to what they say.

Our distributor says, “Oh yeah. I really want a big business.” But should we believe what someone says?

We invite our distributor to our Saturday training to learn the skills of what to say to prospects. The distributor replies to our invitation by saying, “Oh, Saturday, huh? Gosh, that is the weekend and I need to rest after a hard week of work.”

Our mothers were right when they said, “Don’t believe what people say. Simply observe what they do.”

The invitation that came too late.

Our distributor says, “I have this prospect named John. On Fridays he flies back home from the job site. I don’t want to bother him on the two days he has with his family. On Monday he commutes and works. I will call him on Tuesday.”

On Tuesday, our distributor reports back to us that John joined. Unfortunately, John joined with someone else who called him on Saturday.

Maybe we should have our distributors make a list of “prospects they don’t want other people to talk to first.” 🙂

What should I say first?

The minimum-wage sales clerk just gave us superior service. Wow! This clerk needs opportunity. Our opportunity. But what should we say to this clerk?

If we say nothing, what suffers the most? Our prospect’s future? Or our business?

Here is an entire book of first sentences that we can use now.

First Sentences for Marketing


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