“But WHY is this important?” 🤨

Information is not important to the human mind. We have millions of bits of information entering our brains every second.

Our brains first need to know WHY this information may be important. Then, we will choose to listen to the information.

So first, let’s tell our prospects WHY what we’re saying is important. Now we will have our prospects’ attention and our facts will have emotional meaning in our prospects’ lives.

And yes, this means our fact-filled PowerPoint sales presentation is the last thing we do. 🙂

Use this question when talking with prospects.

“So if you don’t start a part-time business, things will stay the same. Is that option okay with you?”

Ask this question early in the conversation. We want to find out if our prospects are motivated to change their lives. If they are okay with keeping their lives the same, we will have to work extra hard selling the benefits of our opportunity.

But many prospects will say, “Oh no. I don’t want things to stay the same.” And these are our best prospects, as they have made the decision to move forward now.

It only takes one person to change our lives.

The fun benefit of network marketing is that we are only one person away from totally changing our lives.

But how do we find that person? Where do we look? If we could have unlimited prospects, we would increase our odds of finding that one person quickly.

Here is the book that can help.

51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors


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