Big Al’s Two-Minute Story to sponsor fast …

We are in the decision business.

Our companies provide products and services, handle the customer service, handle the websites … and can do everything except … get prospects to make a “yes” decision.

Decisions are not made in the conscious mind. Decisions are made in the subconscious mind.

So when we talk to the conscious minds of our prospects with facts and sales presentations, we know what happens. Ugh.

The solution?

To get faster and more favorable decisions from our prospects, all we have to do is talk to their subconscious minds, the place where they make decisions.

Sounds difficult?

It is easy. The easiest way to talk to this decision center in our prospects’ subconscious minds is with a … story!

We all tell stories. And we can learn to tell a special two-minute story that prospects can’t resist.

No more stress. No more rejection. Just tell a fun two-minute story!

So finally, here is the book that explains how to tell it. You can have your awesome two-minute story working for you tomorrow.

The Two-Minute Story For Network Marketing


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