“What happens if it all goes wrong?”

“What happens if it all goes wrong?”

The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain. This is doubly true for skeptical prospects.

What is more important to them is to make sure they don’t lose money, get embarrassed, ruin their reputation with their friends, etc.

Of course we talk about the wonderful benefits of our program. But, it is more important to some prospects to minimize their risk. By adding a simple sentence or two into our presentation, we can relieve this fear. Now it is easier for these prospects to make a decision to join.

For example, we could say, “The worst that could possibly happen is that you get a bit healthier from using our vitamins, while getting a 100% refund of all your money. You never take a risk with us.”

Once we remove this fear from our prospects’ minds, their stress goes away.

Creating credibility.
We can talk about ourselves and our accomplishments, but that is just bragging. Prospects aren’t impressed.

What is better? Talking about how we’ve helped other people. Our prospects will see themselves being helped by us. That is impressive.

Now our prospects feel confident about doing business with us.

Not everyone joins on the first exposure.
Many people want to think it over. Or, today is not a good day. The timing could be better three months from now.

Follow-up? Sometimes we hate making those calls. We fear rejection.

The solution? Learn exactly what to say and do without rejection. This book gives us many ways of following up with our prospects. Many of the ways will feel comfortable for our way of doing business.

How To Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects
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