Two easy choices.

Two easy choices.

  1. We can talk to prospects, not be interesting to them, and feel frustrated.
  2. We can talk to prospects, not be interesting to them, and decide to say new and better things in the future.

Repeating the same non-effective words is a bad plan. If our prospects are not interested, we have to take responsibility and change what we say. We can’t continue to blame the prospects.

If we don’t like our current results, all we have to do is improve what we are currently doing.

Use this question when talking with prospects.

“How would you want to FEEL one year from now when you have an extra $500 check every month?”

Say this question early in the conversation.

Once our prospects have this feeling, they will want our opportunity more. Now they are excited about our presentation.

The Two-Minute Story for Network Marketing.

Core skill #4 is our presentation. Now, there are many ways to do a presentation. It is good to have options.

But my favorite presentation? The two-minute story. Why?

  • Have we ever felt embarrassed trying to do a presentation at a restaurant?
  • Have we ever struggled to do a presentation over the phone?
  • Have we ever wanted our prospects to relax and turn off their salesman alarms?
  • Have we ever noticed that our prospects love stories, not sales presentations?

Here is the book that shows us every sentence of the two-minute story, and tells us why each sentence works. You will love giving the two-minute presentation.

The Two-Minute Story For Network Marketing


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