The sound of our prospect’s subconscious mind dropping everything … to make an instant “yes” decision to join our business. That is why I love the two-minute story.

Core skill #4 is our opportunity presentation. There are many ways to do a presentation. It is good to have options.

We need special types of presentations for groups as the individuals have many different motivations. In the beginning of our career, we find the one-minute presentation very comfortable for our one-on-one presentations. And if we are limited to audio only, our presentation might simply be a connected string of word pictures.

But as we mature in our network marketing careers, we learn special things.

#1. Prospects make their decisions before our presentation begins. We have to manage this time. We can’t waste it with random conversation.

#2. Decisions are made automatically by the subconscious mind based upon pre-existing programs. These programs come from experiences in the past.

#3. Stories talk directly to the decision-making area in the subconscious mind. It is a shortcut, and prospects are addicted to listening to stories.

#4. Attention spans are short. Short is always better than long. Long, information-rich presentations bore and irritate prospects, especially before they make their decision.

#5. The human mind craves simple. Our minds are overloaded. We hate complicated and long.

#6. Prospects think about themselves a lot. If we tell a story that is all about our prospects, they are mesmerized. They will listen.

This is why I love the two-minute story. We don’t have to push against our natural prospects’ resistance. We provide what our prospects want.

Here is the book that shows us every sentence of the two-minute story, and why each sentence works. You will love giving the two-minute presentation.

The Two-Minute Story For Network Marketing
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