One-sentence test + great tip … ☝️

Question: How often do we have to close?
Answer: Every time we talk to a prospect.

If we don’t close, no one buys, no one joins.

This sounds cold, but this is our reality in network marketing. It doesn’t matter how big our prospect list is, how many presentations we give, or how many people watch our company video. The only thing that matters is if our prospects makes a “yes” decision.

Here is the good news.

When we know the inside secrets of how our prospects make decisions, we will instantly be better than 99% of all the salesman in the world.

Here is more good news.

We can learn how to close our prospects under the radar, where they don’t even know that we did it, with a no rejection, and accomplish this in our first 10 seconds. We will have smiles on our faces, and our prospects will love us.

Question: When is the best time to learn how to close like a professional?
Answer: Yesterday 🙂 and if that is not possible, then the second best choice is … now.

Think of what our business would look like if we had high-level, championship closing skills. Our prospects would join quicker, and our businesses would soar. Our 2019 would be our best year ever.

Ready to learn how to become a master closer? 

Ready to remove all stress from our conversations with prospects?
Ready to help our prospects join immediately?
Ready to build new team members quickly and get into momentum?
Ready to remove all rejection from our closing words?

Here is our chance to take our business to the next level.

Closing For Network Marketing Getting Prospects Across The Finish Line



P.S. And here is a great closing tip you can use now, even if you can’t take this MasterClass.

Disable four blocking programs to our prospects’ subconscious minds by starting with, “Before I show you how this works, let me tell you what happened to me.”

This sequence of words allows our message to enter their brains. While this is a low level 2 closing technique, it is better than most of our distributors are using right now.

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