Are we the average of our four closest friends?

Are we the average of our four closest friends?

Well, maybe not the average, but it does make a difference. If I hang around four other fat people at buffets, chances are my weight-loss goals will never be met.

The question is, “How do we associate with better people?” The easy answer is, “We go to where they hang out.” Some quick suggestions on where we can find more positive people for our lives:

  • Night school.
  • Self-improvement seminars.
  • Health clubs.
  • Community service organizations.
  • Small business networks.

We can’t associate with these people unless we go meet them there.

Here is yet one more way to build our self-image.

We can build our self-image and confidence by achieving small steps. For instance, making a goal to have one less soda tomorrow. When we achieve that goal, we feel better about ourselves. We start to believe we can improve our self-discipline.

What else could we do? Call one more prospect. Send a thank-you message to help build a relationship. Say “hi” to one new person a day. Read for five minutes to help improve our skills.

Yes, we know we have to build our self-image. This is an easy way to start.

“Wanting” is different than knowing how.

That is why we need skills.

A great attitude is an awesome start, but we will need more than positive thoughts to get our message inside the crowded minds of our prospects.

We are saying the wrong words.

I get this type of question regularly. “I sell health and wellness products, but I can’t get anyone to buy. Where can I find some good prospects?”

Ouch! Most people want to live longer. They are pre-sold. Ask yourself, “What am I saying that is un-selling my pre-sold prospects?”

Finding a new group of people to ruin with the same words isn’t a good plan. A better plan is to change the words we say.

This is a rapport problem. I ask the frustrated distributor to re-read How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, and Rapport! 13 Ways To Create Open Minds By Talking To The Subconscious Mind and try some new opening statements.

Here is the entire book with magic words suggestions.

How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport


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