It has to be easier than selling dinosaur poop!

If a retail store can sell this, with no advertising, no video, no brochure, no website, no testimonials, no research reports, no PowerPoint, no active salesperson … then shouldn’t we be able to sell our products, services, and opportunity?

“I can read your intentions.”

Think of the word “intention” when calling prospects. Prospects have sophisticated subconscious mind detectors that pick up clues about our intentions. So to compensate, before the call, we could say to ourselves, “My only agenda is to offer one more option to this person’s life.”

It is subtle, but people notice.

The Two-Minute Story for Network Marketing.

Since the release of this book, I have heard many great two-minute stories.

How good is your two-minute story? Can it get better?

We should always ask ourselves this question: “What will my prospect like more? A long presentation? Or a short two-minute story?”

The answer is obvious.

If you don’t have the book already, here it is:

The Two-Minute Story For Network Marketing



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