Great one-sentence sound bites.

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This audio is from a live workshop in New Zealand. Learn how to create powerful stories to get your prospects to join immediately. You’ll love the stories.

Great one-sentence sound bites.

  • “If home is where your heart is, shouldn’t your business be there too?”
  • “How to make money every time your neighbors turn on their lights.”
  • “This is the product that weight-loss doctors give their wives.”
  • “Make sure your face is your best first impression.”
  • “Turn your spare time into spare money.”

Advice for building distributors into leaders.

“Treat them not as they are now – but as they could be.”

One of the great things about our business …

I once asked a young man, “Why are you going to college?”

He sarcastically replied, “I will study hard during my four years of college. Then I can be prepared to become unemployed. But, you never know. I might eventually find a job, and have the opportunity to work under someone’s thumb. I am sure the boss will exploit me, make me work long hours, and then I’ll have my job taken from me between the ages of 40 and 50. And when I die, I will pass on my college debt to my children.”

I didn’t think my response should be, “Merry Christmas.”

Some people focus on the positives in life, while others focus on the downsides.

One of the great things about our business is that we can give hope to others. There are many advantages to network marketing in addition to the income possibilities.

Holiday fun! 🙂

If you don’t have this book, read it before the parties and events this holiday season. You will have fun diagnosing and predicting the behavior of your friends. A skill for life.

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