Skeptical prospects?

Use the “Eavesdrop Approach.”

Do we have trouble getting some prospects to look at a sales presentation?

Are they afraid of being “sold” by listening to a sales pitch?

We can relax our prospects by asking them to listen to a distributor “training call.” They can silently eavesdrop on the training without the fear of being “sold.”

What to say to prospects.

“There are two types of people in the world.

“Those who look for reasons why things will work, and those who look for reasons why things won’t work.”

This statement will help open up our prospect’s mind, so our prospect can lean forward and look for reasons why our opportunity will work.

Getting our team to believe.

Many years ago I had lunch with Chris Gullo.

Chris told me how he gets a distributor to BELIEVE that he or she can move $20,000 of products a month.

To give a new distributor the vision of moving $20,000 of products in a month, this is what Chris says:

“You could go out and sell $20,000 of products personally, but that would be a full-time job. So why not consider sponsoring just one person? Then each of you would only have to sell $10,000 of products each.

“Or, maybe you and your new distributor could each sponsor one new person so there would be four of you. Then you would only need to sell $5,000 in products each.

“But if you really wanted to make it easier, maybe each of you could sponsor just two people each, etc., etc., etc.”

What a great way to help a new distributor BELIEVE that it is possible.

Here is the book that explains how leaders can motivate their team into action.

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