“What could be the difference?”

Same company.
Same territory.
Same pricing.
Same products.
Same prospects.
Same motivation.

Yet two salesmen get entirely different results from their efforts. One salesman earns a fortune. The other salesman starves.

What could be the difference?

When meeting the same prospect, one salesman uses random social conversation. The other salesman uses proven sequences of words. Yes, commercial language makes a difference!

And since our prospects judge us quickly, we won’t have to learn or memorize hours and hours of commercial talking language. It could be as simple as learning a phrase a week. For example, “Most people.”

If we used that phrase everywhere while talking for a week, the phrase would start to become a habit. Here are some examples:

* Most people want more money.
* Most people love automatic ordering.
* Most people who buy the cleanser, also get the moisturizer.
* Most people hate scams and pyramids.
* Most people get the presidential pack when they start.
* Most people set up their first home meeting within 24 hours.
* Most people call their best friend first.
* Most teachers want to retire early.
* Most taxi drivers love the residual income part of the plan.
* Most leaders include this skill in the initial trainings.
* Most customers want this extra service.
* Most new distributors get their convention ticket right away.

Try using “Most people” for a week and notice how much easier it is for others to agree.

How do we feel when …

How do we feel when someone calls and says:

“Hi. You don’t know me. Let me introduce myself. And, this will only take a few minutes.”

Our minds are busy. Deadlines, things to remember, and so many things to keep track of. When we ask people for a bit of their time, they hate it. They are already rushed and stressed with no time, and now someone is asking for even more time.

Now is a good time to re-think how we ask for appointments and time from others.

The Two-Minute Story for Network Marketing
What a great way to give our team confidence. Anyone can memorize their two-minute story. This simple presentation is the most powerful way to get others to understand our business. And, it’s a great way to get the “yes” decision that moves our business forward.
If you don’t have a perfect two-minute story for your business yet, here is your chance. It is all here, word-for-word, in this book:
The Two-Minute Story For Network Marketing
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