“But they are not doing anything.”

When new distributors join, how many professional network marketing skills do they have? Zero.

What do new distributors have? A desire to build a business … and a whole lot of issues and problems. : )

And then we complain, “My new distributors aren’t doing anything!”

Instead of complaining, we need to help them get started. We should ask ourselves if we provided at least a few skills or mindsets. For example:

* Did we write down, word-for-word, exactly what to say to their prospects over the telephone? Or did we just say, “Oh, I don’t know exactly what to say. They are your friends. Do your best.”

* Did we take away their fear of selling? Their fear of rejection? And give them the words to say to prevent negative feedback from their prospects?

* Did we write down, word-for-word, exactly what to say to their prospects to overcome the price objection?

* Did we write down, word-for-word, exactly what to say to get their prospects to join now?

* Did we write down, word-for-word, exactly what to say to the most common objections they would face?

We must do our part first. We have to start our new team members with at least the minimum number of skills they will need when they start.

Commercial phrases.

Last week we talked a little bit about commercial phrases. They work much better than the social chit-chat talking skills we learned in school. Commercial phrases are great for our business.

So what if we decided to learn one new phrase a month? A week? A day? How much faster would that move our network marketing business? Yes, the speed is up to us.

This week? Let’s use the phrase, “Everybody knows.”

When we say those words, prospects will quickly accept what we say as true. This saves the prospect from the stress of judging everything we say. Some examples?

* Everybody knows our diets can either make us healthy or kill us.
* Everybody knows jobs take up too much time.
* Everybody knows it is hard to get ahead without a second income now.
* Everybody knows wrinkles will come eventually.

Just saying “Everybody knows,” makes it easier to get our message inside the brains of our prospects. Why not try it?

Learn to talk to people where they are.

One size doesn’t fit all. When we customize our ice breakers, we adjust for the type of prospect we have.

To someone nearing retirement we might say, “I just found out how to double our pension in only nine months.”

Of course, this is interesting to our older prospect, but totally uninteresting to our 19-year-old university student. What should we say to this person?

“I just found out how we don’t have to work 45 years like our parents.”

This is why we want to constantly build our inventory of ice breakers. Each new ice breaker we learn gives us more options to get prospects interested in our business.

Here is an entire book filled with ice breakers that we can use to get more prospects.

Ice Breakers


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