How to connect with prospects when we don’t have time.

What do we do when we don’t have time to build a relationship?

When we contact a referral, or when we call a cold prospect, we don’t have days or months to build a relationship.

So how do we present our opportunity?

Don’t start with all the neat benefits of our opportunity. Don’t tell the prospects about the wonderful bonus checks, the trips, the cars, the incredible products, the company founder’s background, etc.

Instead, remember that people buy things to solve their problems. So position the presentation to solve problems for our prospect.

Talk about how our opportunity will make it easier for our prospect to take more time off work, how our opportunity will make it easier to pay bills with that extra check every month, or how our opportunity will provide the extra car for the spouse.

Prospects don’t care how great our opportunity is. They care about their problems.

This is the shortcut when we don’t have time to build a relationship.

More commercial words.

When speaking to a group, we need their instant approval and agreement. There is nothing worse than stares and folded arms by our guests. To get a more immediate agreement, we can use the words, “As many of us know.”

Our audience wants to agree with what we say next, as long as it is reasonable. This agreement leads to open minds that can now hear our message. Here are some examples:

* As many of us know, it is hard to get rich while working a job.
* As many of us know, it is hard to eat right because we are busy people.
* As many of us know, two checks are better than one.
* As many of us know, jobs interfere with our week.
* As many of us know, wrinkles come with aging.
* As many of us know, if we don’t show up at work, we don’t get paid.

We will see lots of nodding in our audiences, and a few relaxed smiles when we use these words.

Having success with your two-minute story?

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