Do we want more prospects?

Let’s create a simple, but engaging test for our business opportunity:

* * *

Q. What is the fastest way to poverty?

A. Buy weekly lottery tickets.
B. Stay in a dead-end job.
C. Spend ten hours a day staring at a computer screen.
D. Let inflation eat away our bank accounts.

Click here for the answer.

* * *

When we get our prospects to think and participate, they hear our message.

Success leaves clues, but so does failure.

Where should we look for prospects? Not just any prospects – good prospects, the type of prospects that join.

Simply look at where we enrolled our last five distributors. Where and how did we meet these prospects?

Success leaves clues.

So instead of finding new and unique places to locate future distributors, go back to where we located the last five distributors.

But failure leaves clues also.

Take a look at why our last five prospects told us they weren’t interested. Was there a common theme? And where did we locate these uninterested prospects?

Many times we are standing too close to our successes and failures. We need to step back and observe to see if there are clues.

Our friends got us this far, but what about the future?

Where do we want to go from where we are now? Our future depends on meeting new people. Who knows? The biggest part of our future team may come from someone we meet tomorrow.

Is meeting new people difficult? No. It is a skill anyone can learn, especially shy people.

This book shows the step-by-step method of meeting new people successfully.

How To Meet People Guidebook
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