Story about two young ladies.

“Two young ladies graduate from high school. One goes to university, graduates with $100,000 in debt and is unemployed. She hopes to get a job that will give her enough to live on, but will never be able to pay off her debts, and if she raises a family, she will never see her family because she is commuting 5 or 6 days a week … and then she will retire a year before she dies.

“The other young lady graduates from high school, starts her own network marketing business, and when her friend graduates from university, she retires.”

The above story is from the book, Sponsoring Magic.

Thousands of decisions, but no time to make them.

So many decisions, so little time. Prospects want to sort us out quickly. They don’t have time for presentations. They barely have time for decisions.

Our strategy? Get to the point in the first few seconds.

It is the conversation before the presentation that counts.

In pre-closing, our initial conversation should get our prospects to sell themselves. Here is an example.

* * * * * * * *

“WHEN did you decide to start your own part-time business?

“And WHY did you decide to start your own part-time business? WHAT happened to cause this?

“Once you decided to start your own part-time business, how did you FEEL?”

* * * * * * * *

This little conversation will allow our prospects to sell themselves. All we have to do is explain our solution. To do that, we can do a one-minute presentation, a two-minute story, or even a longer presentation if time permits.

Real professionals know that the decision to join happens early in our conversation, not later. It is what we say early that counts.

What are we going to say?

So we are standing in line at the bank, and the person in front of us looks like a great prospect. Maybe we say a few words about the weather, how long the line is, and then … what?

What should our first sentence be to attract the person’s interest into our product or opportunity?

If we don’t know … we are going to continue to lose money from all the prospects we miss. That’s bad.

So now it is time to:

  1. Sit and make up some great first sentences.
  2. Ask our upline for some great first sentences.
  3. Or continue missing out on bigger bonuses.

What are you going to do?

Here is one more solution. An entire book of first sentences to build our business.

First Sentences for Marketing


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