People make decisions based on what they remember …

“People make decisions based on what they remember … not on what they forget.”

To take this one step further, we could rephrase our rapport step by saying, “It is not what we say, but what our prospects hear that is important.”

The easiest way to make our message memorable is with stories. We can remember stories from age 5, but we can’t remember dates for a history exam 15 minutes later.

So what kind of stories will we use to communicate our business? Short stories. If we ask 100 people to choose between the long story or the short story, they will all reply, “I want the short story.”

Creating a collection of short stories makes us more professional. How many stories have we accumulated already? Not many when we join. But over time, we will learn new and better stories for our business.

Want to make our stories more powerful? Make our stories all about our prospects. Everyone is mesmerized if the story is all about them.

Want to be popular? Use stories. Prospects love great storytellers.

Follow-up decisions.

When following up with our prospects, we don’t have to repeat our presentation. They already know what we do. Our prospects have had time to review our materials and visit our website. There is no reason to dump additional information on them.

Now, the only issue for the prospect is, “Do I want to join or not?”

This makes our follow-up conversation short and to the point.

We only want the volunteers. An easy way to make our conversation short is to say, “Have you made a decision to get started now, so we can start the countdown to firing your boss? Or, did you make a decision to keep your present situation?”

This lets our prospects know that “thinking it over” is actually a decision to stay where they are.

Trigger point #2.

“Can I trust you and believe you?”

Managing our prospects’ decisions is easy. We just need to make sure we get the five trigger points in the correct order.

Trigger #2 is the most important. This is the first trigger we can actually manage at a moment’s notice.

We have a whole book dedicated to building trust and rapport.

How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport


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