Are we asking the wrong questions?

Maybe we should stop asking questions like, “Why don’t I get motivated to reach my goals?” or “Why is it so hard to reach my goals?”

Yes, let’s make 2019 different, the year we actually love and reach our goals.

** The real question we should ask ourselves is, “How can I set a goal for my color personality and my ’14 personal values’ list … that automatically motivates me and makes my year awesome?”

If we are a blue personality, we know the frustration of setting red personality goals. No passion. No motivation. And red personalities wouldn’t feel fulfilled with yellow personality goals. One size doesn’t fit all.

Then, we should run our goals through our 14 values list, and make sure our final goal is self-motivating.

So how do we know we picked the right goal for us?

Easy. If we feel excited to do the required activity every morning, we will experience the most awesome year ever!

Our entire 2019 is at risk … if we don’t take the time to make our goals fit us.

7 great opening sentences for holiday conversations.

It is easy and enjoyable to talk about business with family and friends during the holidays. We get to see many of our closest friends and relatives in person. These questions are great conversation starters:

  1. “Do you think you will get a huge raise next year?”
  2. “What are you going to do with all of your free time next year?”
  3. “Ever think about what you would do if you only had to work a four-day week?”
  4. “What is your best money-making tip?”
  5. “Got a good plan for retiring early?”
  6. “What are you doing for extra side money now?”
  7. “Is your present schedule something you want to keep until retirement?”

4 simple questions to get referrals.

These are only about our opportunity.

  1. “Do you know anyone who loves helping people?”
  2. “Do you know anyone working two jobs?”
  3. “Do you have any friends that just love talking to people?”
  4. “Can you think of someone who wants more tax deductions?”
Save 2019 with a better set of goals.

For the price of a fancy coffee, we can make 2019 a great year.

Why Are My Goals Not Working


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