Some good news and some bad news

The bad news is that millions of Americans are not working.

The good news is that they have jobs.

Yes, so many people hate their jobs and just go to work and suffer. We can help them. They just need us to talk to them in a way that they will “get” … and we will give them the biggest gift. They will be happy with their work.

Here is an easy question we can ask our prospects. “Do you find your work boring?”
If our prospects answer “yes,” then we can ask the next question. “Would it be okay if you looked at a career where you got paid to help people?”

In a few seconds, we know if the timing is right for these prospects. Some prospects love their job. Others have “life situations” to deal with. If it is not their time, that’s okay. We only asked.

But wow! Some prospects will be so thankful we took the time to talk to them. They didn’t have any other options. Now they do.

And that is what we do. All we do is add one more option to our prospects’ lives.

What to say after the meeting.

New distributors often ask, “What can I say to close my prospects at the end of the meeting?”

The prospects already made a decision to join by sacrificing their time to come to the meeting. We learned this in the closing report.

The meeting is really our prospects’ first training session.

So after the meeting, our prospects have two choices.

  1. To join and get started. Start the countdown to firing their bosses.
  2. Or, to choose to keep their life just as it is, without the benefits of our business. In this case, they can tell us, “I need to think it over.” Or, any excuse will do.

All we have to do is to ask them which choice they are making.

It is that time of the year!

If you loved the color personalities, then you will love this book.

Each year we set goals and … well, we know how that ends. 🙂

How about an awesome solution for the whole team?

Get your team to read this book, set their color-coded goals, and watch them reach their goals faster than ever before.

This is an awesome way to build momentum. Get a head start on January 1.

Why Are My Goals Not Working


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