Where can I get good leads?

The best leads in the world won’t help us if we don’t know what to say.

The biggest mistake new distributors make is investing in leads, instead of investing in themselves first.

How do we know our new distributor is ready to start contacting cold leads? Easy. Simply ask our new distributor to write down, word-for-word, the first few sentences he or she will say to the cold prospects.

The answer will be obvious.

“I am just curious …”

Using this sequence of words is magic when talking to prospects. When hearing these words, our prospects open up their minds and want to help us. Examples?

“I am just curious. I am looking for people who are carrying an extra 10 pounds and want to get rid of those 10 pounds before Christmas. Do you know anyone like that?”

“I am just curious. I am looking for people with two jobs who would like to get rid of one of those jobs. Do you know anyone like that?”

“I am just curious. Do you find that our jobs interfere with our week?”

“I am just curious” is fun to say, and prospects instantly become a lot nicer.

There are several kinds of distributors.

1. The ones that learn by reading books.
2. The ones that learn by listening to audios.
3. The ones that learn by attending trainings and events.
4. The ones that learn by listening to their sponsors.
5. The ones that do none of the above, and wonder why prospects are not listening to them.

The best time to prospect and sponsor?

The holidays.

Why? We socialize and party during the holiday season. We are surrounded by prospects! And it only takes a few words for our new contacts to say, “Yes. I would like next year to be different. Let’s talk tomorrow or later next week.”

But how do we meet and bond with these new prospects?

Here is an entire book of exactly how to meet new people. Plus, exactly how to start a conversation with a stranger.

How To Meet People Guidebook


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