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We are not employees of our companies. They have their own business. They do manufacturing, shipping and receiving, billing, legal, customer service, websites and more. That is their business, not ours.

Our companies do everything. All we have to do is get our prospects to make a “yes” decision. We have the easy part.

Yes, we are in the decision-making business.

The #1 question we should have is, “How do our prospects make their final decision?”

This two-page report explains the five trigger questions our prospects use to make up their minds. It takes only 5 minutes to read.

Could you do us a favor?

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Why the company video doesn’t get decisions.

Experts measure the human attention span at 8 seconds. We should think, “How much of my message can I get into 8 seconds?”

What happens after 8 seconds? Our prospects’ minds drift away, start thinking of what to say when we shut up, etc. Ugly.

Short, powerful messages work. Magic phrases, sound bites, and proven sequences of words are the tools we should use to get our message into our prospects’ minds.

Consider this. If our prospects have an 8-second attention span, how can our 5-minute company video commercial even work?

The reality is that our prospects make their decision before the company video. We need to manage these 8 seconds. If our prospects don’t want to join, they won’t want to watch the video. They are too busy to watch a commercial about something they are not interested in.

And if our prospects decide that they want to do our business? Ah, then they are happy to watch the video.

The video is only a tool. It is what we say before we present the tool that counts.

The greatest tool in the world is useless unless we know what to say first.

The short version.

We are in the decision-making business. That is our profession. When we concentrate on decision-making skills, we move ahead quickly.

What are we going to say to close our prospects?

Afraid of rejection? Don’t know exactly what to say?

Here is an entire book of closing statements to build our business.

Closing For Network Marketing Getting Prospects Across The Finish Line


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