Two key things to make next year awesome.

Are goals for winners … or for losers?

On New Year’s Eve we set goals. We don’t achieve most of them.

That’s right. We fail. And then we feel like a loser. You know, those people that set lofty goals and nothing happens. Those people are all talk, no achieving.

We can break this pattern for ourselves, and for our team members too. There is a way to set goals that … works!

Here are two key things that we can do immediately to make our goals work for us:

  1. Set up automatic activities that make achieving these goals inevitable. When we do these daily activities, our goals are naturally met. Yes, we are creating a system instead of staring at a vision board.
  2. Set goals that automatically pull us through. Instead of struggling and stress, we want these goals to be congruent with our color personality. This creates natural motivation for our activities.

Just implementing these two key things can make us goal-achieving superstars.

More on goals.

Anyone can set goals. That is the easy part.

Achieving goals is the difficult part.

Setting a goal gives us a direction. We know where we want to go. But wanting is not the same as doing.

However, once we know that we are going in the correct direction, we will look for resources and ideas to help us get to where we are going. This is a huge benefit of setting our personalized goals.

Setting goals will not make us a winner. But all winners set goals.

So if we are going to set goals, shouldn’t we make sure to achieve those goals? Of course.

Then why don’t people achieve their goals? Because they haven’t learned how to make that happen yet. When we teach the goal-achieving skills to our team members, they will be loyal to us because we changed their lives. Our team members are desperate to learn how to achieve their goals.

Why are we talking about goals in November? Because winners get a head-start on everyone else. It is just one more way for us to get an advantage over the people who just think about goals, but never make their goals happen.

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