How new, unskilled distributors enroll new people.

New distributors join our business, and immediately enroll their two best friends. Yet, our new distributors can’t even remember the name of our company. They can’t explain the compensation plan. And they say all the wrong things.

So, how is it possible that they can enroll their two best friends?

The answer? Rapport.

Because their best friends trusted them and believed in them, they ignored their friend’s ignorance of other details. The lesson here is that rapport is our most important skill.

Now, when our new distributor starts talking to people who are not close friends, bad things happen. Without rapport, prospects are skeptical and resistant to new ideas.

Our responsibility as sponsors is to help our new team members learn how to build rapport with prospects. In the beginning, we will have to start off with easy tips. Here are some examples of easy word sequences they can say to help build rapport with prospects:

  • Well, you know how …
  • I am just curious …
  • Everybody knows …
  • We all know this …
  • If you are like me …

All we have to do is to listen how our new team members talk to prospects, and then make suggestions to add or substitute these phrases.

They won’t be masters of rapport yet, but it is a start. And all new team members have to start somewhere.

More on goals.

Want an easier way to reach our goals?

Instead of focusing on the end goal, concentrate on tiny activities that will accumulate and make reaching our goal inevitable. Want some examples?

If our goal is to sponsor five people, what activities would make this inevitable? Here are some suggestions:

  • Pass out samples to 10 new people every day.
  • Make three new friends on Facebook every day.
  • Ask three people every day if they have a problem that our product or service would solve.
  • Use our tested referral request words twice a day.
  • Join three new networking groups to make our network of influencers larger.

We want to pick an activity that will put us in front of qualified prospects consistently. If we talk to enough prospects, chances are we will eventually get to our goal of five new people in our group.

Concentrate on the activity that will make reaching our goal inevitable.

Holidays … Yeah!

Want to be in contact with lots of prospects? The holidays are the best time of the year. So why do networkers avoid this prime time to prospect and sponsor? Because they resort to sleazy commercial sales presentations.

Instead of sounding like a commercial, why not share a simple two-minute story? People love stories, especially stories that are all about them.

Many networkers comment on how the two-minute story changed their careers. No more selling, rejection, or stress. Just an easy, two-minute story that gets their prospects to say “yes” immediately.

The Two-Minute Story For Network Marketing
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