Turn off the salesman alarm.



Easy. As soon as we suspect our prospects are feeling like they are being sold to instead of helped, ask this question:

“I am sure you have a lot of questions, so what would you like to know first?”

This simply puts the presentation back into the control of our prospects. Now they don’t feel talked at.

Targeting our market.

My friend sells a sleep aid. He does his prospecting at 2 in the morning. Smart.

Something to think about.

You can never really get away. You can only take yourself somewhere else.

Free Zoom call?

Everyone on our team will lose a whole year in 2019 … by setting the same old goals that won’t work out.

Instead, save our team members one year of their lives! Let’s show them how to set goals that are congruent with their color personality. Then, every day is a fun day, as we are working on goals that push us from the inside. No discipline needed.

Don’t let the team lose another year of their lives aimlessly working without a focused goal.

Of course, we would love for them to read the book, Why Are My Goals Not Working?  But we know many won’t read it.  Life gets in their way. So do you want to help them?

Arrange a free Zoom call for the team and in 25 minutes they can have the most awesome goals, with the most awesome execution plan, and they can learn this all while sitting at home eating snacks!

To schedule a free goals Zoom call for your team, email Keith at:
keithschreiter@gmail.com … and save the team from a lost year.

Why should we use stories to explain our products and opportunity?

Because prospects remember stories.

“Prospects make decisions based on what they remember, not on what they forget.”

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