Ask this before we sell.

Many people have problems, but they might not know they have problems, or they don’t want to fix the problems. For example, a 400-pound man that refuses to diet, or a 64-year-old who hasn’t started saving for retirement.

So how do we know if they want to fix their problems before we waste time forcing a presentation on them?


After listening to a problem they have, we simply ask, “Would you like to do something about it?”

How bad is our math?

It takes the same amount of time to make 20 presentations whether we close one prospect or if we close all 20 prospects.

Tomorrow will be another day in our network marketing business whether we talk to one prospect or talk to 20 prospects. It will still be a 24-hour day.

So if we are going to go through the effort and time to work the business, why not learn the skills to make our efforts pay off? If we say better things, we get better results.

Want an example? Compare these two opening statements.

A. “I just got involved with the most wonderful company with the most wonderful products …”

B. “Well, you know how we all want more money …”
Don’t we think there will be a difference in how our prospect reacts? Of course.And that is why we want to say better words.

Great things to say to our boss!

If we hated our day-to-day jobs, we would love to say these things to our boss:

  • “I just can’t fit you in my schedule any longer.”
  • “This job has been interfering with my week.”
  • “I can’t continue dedicating my life to your goals.”
  • “I don’t feel fulfilled helping you get a big house for your retirement.”
  • “I decided to sell my alarm clock to my neighbor.”
  • “I just decided you weren’t the top priority in my life.”
  • “You can’t bribe me to work here any longer.”
  • “I don’t want to spend my remaining days at a job I don’t have any passion for.”
What is your very best first sentence?

Prospects judge us quickly and harshly.

How long does it take for our prospects to have an impression of us? Just a few seconds, which means our first sentences have to be great. This is not a time to be guessing what to say when we are in front of a potential prospect.

This book is all about first sentences.

First Sentences for Marketing
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