If nothing changes, then … nothing changes.


Some team members might complain and say this:

“Learning? Oh no. I tried that in high school and it didn’t work out. I will just continue pretending I know what to say in my network marketing business.”

And what happens? Nothing changes in their business.

So why is learning new skills so important in our business?

Because the only thing between where we are now and where we want to be is a whole bunch of stuff we don’t know how to do yet.

That’s it. After all, if we knew how to do these things, we would have already achieved our goals.

“If at first we don’t succeed, there is always next year.”

Oh whoops. Can’t use that excuse any longer. The New Year is almost here.

So here are three quick goal-setting tips.

  • Set goals that match our color personality. Why waste a whole year being unhappy with our goals?
  • Concentrate on which activity we will have to do to reach our goals.
  • Turn the smallest unit of activity into a habit.

Keep our team active. 

The easiest way to prevent our team from slowing down?

Plenty of prospects. No one wants to quit when more prospects are waiting to hear about our products or opportunity.

This is why we want to teach first sentences, sound bites, tiny questions, ice breakers, story skills, and more. Then our team members will never run out of people to talk to.

Ice Breaker for the holidays. 

What a great time of year. We get to hang out with friends, relatives, meet new people and more … over food and drink. Rapport is easy this time of year. We are face-to-face with prospects who want and need what we have to offer.

Now, we don’t have to show our company video at the parties and gatherings. But we can say interesting ice breakers that will cause our prospects to say, “Yes, that sounds great. When can we talk?”

The rest is easy.

Ice Breakers




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